The last day of the 5-day workshop began with energy on top. Everyone was clearly excited for the display as this was their prime chance to see others’ reactions for their products as well as see the work done by participants at other workshops at NID.























Everybody was busy completing their products since morning. Bamboo products come out to be amazing but require a lot of hard work and patience in finishing. The structures of all their products were ready. After that, the wax is applied on the surface so as to protect from weathering and fungus. Post this, all the products will be ready to be displayed.












All the students were taken to the foyer for a group photograph. This session was full of fun when the participants volunteered to click pictures in different poses and with funny expressions. The participants today really looked like a united group in NID t-shirts. They have found friends for a lifetime here.

Mother of a participant, Siddharth Pandya has very beautifully expressed her son’s experience with all, “Dear Mr Solanki, my name is Vijaya, mother of your student Siddharth panda, for this workshop. Would just want to share some thoughts with you…. Initially the main reason why siddharth was sent for this workshop was to accompany his elder sister Delisha (doing Raku Pottery workshop) as she didn’t want to travel alone to a new city.
But am really amazed to see that how the last four days have been such a game changer for him. Sid is completely besotted with bamboo now and it’s versatility… Last night he did a long watsapp call with me and showed all his creations of last four days. There was a distinct passion much evident in his tone to the extent that he already seemed to have decided to attend the same workshop next year again as he said that there is sooo much more to learn in this art.
Thank you Sir for introducing n igniting this new passion to my boy,
Would also like to extend my greetings and best wishes to all the other members of this group.
Warm regards Vijaya”

















After lunch, the students learned how to set up their products with proper name tags for a display at the aquarium. The participants were guided by Pravin about the role of a designer, how one is to recognise good design. All were asked to describe their own products in brief and also then write which product they like the most from all.







The display was set and there were many people coming. Among all, there was one reaction that was prominent- can such beautiful things be done from bamboo! The participants enjoyed a lot and after the certificate distribution session at the auditorium, all departed with happy faces and a lot of knowledge gathered.

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