Bamboo Crafts

Crafting Bamboo- Summer Workshop 2019- Day 4

The workshop has become a comfortable space for all the participants. With more confidence and hands-on with the material, they are open to better experiments. Students have come up with even more ideas and well-thought ways of making them. They also have mechanisms included in their products.

Pravin has been a great guide throughout by helping the enthusiasts to develop skills and empathy towards design and innovation. He creates space for learning in a very unique, fun-filled environment. This is validated when students arrive before time and never want to leave in the evenings when the workshop needs to be closed.

With participants from across the country, sharing of ideas and experiences becomes an integral part while coworking. In spite of different cultures and values along with them, they have become a great team to help each other.

Very aptly quoted by Mr. D V Pasi, he said, “It was a very interesting experience for me. The way Shri Solanki explained the various characteristics of this wonderful material found on our planet was very knowledgeable. I am sure many people would not know this. The theory, the slides and the video clips were very relevant. I did many things with my hands, how to cut, slit, turn and make useful articles out of bamboo sticks. Thank you! Pravinji, you never let us feel bored. Always inspiring and encouraging. Working with young boys and girls was fun for me at my age at 72.

A famous English poet has rightly said, ‘ A thing of beauty is a joy forever similarly this page has become a thing of beauty for me – whenever I shall open this page, I will remember these good days and lovely fellow participants. Their innovative ideas are surprising. They gave me good ideas to improve my product. Thank you, my good friends!”

The preparations for the display were at high-speed today! All are really excited to see the response for their products.

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