Craft is becoming History to be found in Museums. It is dying with TIME and Culture remains only in Documents. Craftsmen have lost the strength to move ahead, so TIME has moved on, leaving them behind, Machines have displaced Craftsmen and Culture have changed to Trends.

A group of 20 enthusiast NID M.Des students from various disciplines like Apparel design, Textile Design, Toy & Game Design, New Media Design, Ceramic and Glass Design, Product Design, Strategy Design Management and Lifestyle and Accessory Design are actively working on the international open elective at the National Institute of Design, Paldi on 16th January 2017.

Pravinsinh Solanki a bamboo lover and a bamboo product designer who is also heading the furniture department at National Institute of Design is mentoring the International open electives “In NO Time” (Innovation with Time). Bhakti Panchal a young furniture designer from National Institute of Design and master bamboo craftsman Subrata Sarkar are assisting Mr. Solanki and supporting the students.

The objective of the international elective is to design and develop the CRAFTS, creating more job opportunities for CRAFTSMEN and preserving the CULTURE intact. It also focuses on new design, design diversification, branding, packaging, and marketing strategies.  The other purpose is also Women empowerment and makes them self-equipped with technology.

Bamboo is a very versatile and sustainable material to be explored to start with.

The day one started with an informal student introduction understanding each other interest areas and choice of selecting the “In No Time elective”.  As a token of memory personalized bamboo badges were distributed to the students which were laser cut with their names etched.

Mr. Solanki gave presentations on “Living with Bamboo” and shared some of his professional work around the world. He spoke about different uses of bamboo from accessories to furniture, interior, and architecture. His encouraging talks filled the atmosphere with energy and enthusiasm.

The first task given to the students was to come out with a unique business plan for the Indian crafts. A business plan where the students have to design strategies to promote the Indian crafts to the international market. The students were asked to study in detail the Indian crafts, materials, techniques, market etc. and come out with a unique solution which can provide better job opportunities, crafts awareness and craft education.

Some students shared their experiences from the day 1

It’s been a great day. Knowing so much about the material bamboo. The new possibility of the material. Am looking forward to this course.

Akash Kumar, M.Des, Textile Design, National Institute of Design

Gained a deep insight into the plethora of opportunities that bamboo as a material offers and understood our role as design enthusiasts in areas where a difference can be made, especially in the Indian crafts scenario.

Sanya Donald, M.Des, Apparel Design-16, National Institute of Design

It was my 1st day of “IN NO TIME” Innovation with time, with Pravin Solanki and Bhakti who were enthusiastically boosting us with Indian crafts, craftsmen and giving us energizing motivation to research about the crafts available since the years in India and how we could uplift and promote them in international worldwide market & make profit to our Country.
We made a group of 4 & were amazed to see our India being so rich in crafts too from different states. We finally choose our topic “The footwear” after the entire study of crafts from Book “The handmade India” one of the best books to know varieties of Indian crafts for the further research.
Thus our day came to an end where we were gifted with a small token of love “The specially made bamboo badge” from the coordinators with fluorescent Green hanging which is eye catchy. I hope that our spirit of teamwork increases day by day & reflect as entire “Rocking bamboo batch” of this open electives.

Salonee Pathak, M.Des, Textile Design, National Institute of Design

Overall 1st-day experience was awesome, I get to know more about design knowledge, from experience practitioners and same looking forward.

Mahesh Kamble, M.Des, Toy and Game Design, National Institute of Design

Finally, I got the chance to learn more about the crafts, especially Bamboo craft.1st day was very energetic and will remain same till the end.

Vikash Kumar, M.Des, Textile Design, National Institute of Design

The first-day experience at the open elective was quite different than expected. I was expecting to start hands-on work on bamboo from day one like most of the people in the class did. Mr. Solanki made us think about how to utilize what resources we have in a productive manner than just designing products. The presentation on bamboo crafts of northeast tribes was very informative. The idea about value addition in Indian crafts is a great idea which at the same time give opportunities for designers, craftsmen and also helping the dying crafts find a stronger future. I was also amazed to see the number of crafts India is having and the opportunities that it provide.
Overall the first day was a great kick start. Looking forward for more.

Sreeraj S, M.Des, Lifestyle Accessory Design ’16, NID, Gandhinagar

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