Bamboo Encounter_SummerWorkshop 2022_Day2

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Summer Workshop 2022

Day 2 – Exploring Hollow Bamboo Section

Day two started with a lot of enthusiasm where the students were guided to use the drill press machine. In continuation with yesterday’s task to actually accommodate their phones within that bamboo section the students had to measure and mark a suitable size slit. For that they had to experience with both machine and hand-held techniques. With the guidance of the mentor Pravin and master-craftsmen Subrataji and Navneetbhai all began to work! So, the agenda for the first half today was to complete a sound amplifier for the phone with appropriate finishing.

Trisha marking her bamboo on the drill press

So using varied diameter of drill bits one can mark and drill holes through these materials.

Chiseling along the drilled mark to make a perfectly rounded slit

Finally during the latter part of the day everyone was guided to finish and sand their pieces. So once the product is done it is finished using sanding machine and sand paper. The surface is smoothened along the fibers with a belt sander while the sections are rounded on the circular part.

To further refine the surface a fine sandpaper is used

Students finishing their product with sandpaper
Freya with her finished product

So then Pravin re-oriented everyone to ideate 2 pen stands using the skills and techniques they have learned. It was so nice to see everyone so enthusiastic and eager to explore their ideas to arrange pen/s in the most creative ways.

A brief discussion on the time problem
Students trying out and sketching possibilities