Bamboo Encounter_SummerWorkshop 2022_Day3

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Summer Workshop 2022

Day 3 – Ideating a product

The day began with rains and we had to shift most of our activities indoor. Pravin had planned a short presentation of his work in Bamboo and how through sheer creativity and passion one can ideate simplest of forms with precision.

The takeaway from this presentation was the process behind a product, its form, its name, its finish and photography. Basically how one presents a final product in the design world.

We break for chai after this and the day’s actual hustle begins. It was so fascinating to see everyone’s concepts of what a pen/pencil holder could be!

Munir trying out different cutting techniques with bamboo
Sasmita ideating with a sketch
Sneha trying out various joining techniques with bamboo halves

The processes are actually insights into these young minds and how they visualize certain forms. By lunch break everyone was asked to finish their pencil stands and get ready for a new task. Oh I forgot to mention in my previous posts, Milanbhai from CEP have been amazing help organizing everyday tasks as well as lunches for us. For the first time in NID Summer Workshop we have been ordering lunch from outside (through Zomato); the food varied from Paneer and Parathas to Pizza and Pastas and it has been absolutely delicious. The students are enjoying thoroughly

So again we had a quick huddle after lunch where a new more fun and exciting task was introduced. The participants had to conceptualize a boat from any of the bamboo components. Students can imagine from a titanic to a small sail boat and get their creative juices running!

Hasnain exploring with boat forms
Divyanshi ideating with a hollow bamboo section

Finally we wound up day 3 of the workshop with everyone’s boat prototypes ready to be sanded 🙂