Bamboo Encounter_SummerWorkshop 2022_Day5

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Summer Workshop 2022

Day 5 – The D-day

The final day of the workshop. Students were as cheerful as they were on their first day. Everyone was asked to wind up and finish all their pending products, fix their lights to their shades or forms and ready up the things for the exhibition.

Students spent their first half giving final touches to their products, meanwhile we had laser etched name tags for everyone’s display. Students were informed to invite their friends and family to visit the display later in the evening.

There was a steady growth amongst the students since day one. They now treat and approach this material with sensitivity. They have learnt to use the material properties to their strength and then ideate. Post this we head on to our final lunch which was Pizzas & Fries!

Post lunch Milanbhai had helped arrange tables in the design gallery so everyone could set up their display with their name tags.

Students arranging their products

By 4 all the guests started coming in and we were ready with the display!

Some of the final work on display by the students
Students alongside their display

There was a small parting ceremony organized by the college where the participants were awarded certificates in presence of their parents by the mentor of this workshop Pravinsinh Solanki.

Finally we concluded the five day workshop with a jamming session with Aditya and the bubbly students.