Bamboo – the future material I & OP Summer workshop Day 3

It was amazing to see that all the participants were on fire today! They have gained much more confidence by continuously practicing and exploring bamboo with hand tools and machines. The pleasure of creating things could be easily seen on their face.

Participants from Pune got inspired by Pravin’s work and have created mobile stands for them where as few have created audio amplifier with the help of our master craftsmen Subrato sarkar and Anil bansal. Anil, who is from Satna, has joined us specially for our 5 day bamboo workshop at NID, Paldi.

Thanks Vallabhi jalan for sharing your feedback:

“I didn’t expect that I will be able to work with bamboo independently by using machines and hand tools. I have always seen people working on machines on you tube videos but I got to know now that there is a different finish when efforts are made through hand tools. Now I am able to make some storage products for the things of my daily use, which are otherwise quite expensive in the market, and i am extremely happy about it 🙂 There is so much of freedom here to create things which I would want to make. I just loved the environment in this bamboo workshop, its so much fun to work with the faculties and participants from across India! “