Bamboo – the future material I & OP Summer workshop Day 5

Today was the last day of bamboo workshop and the participants were extremely excited to
display their work and share their experiences with the NID community, other workshop’s
participants, their friends and family members. Under the guidance of Pravinsinh K Solanki,
Subrato sarkar, Anil bansal and prateeti verma, they have worked really hard and have put
their heart and soul to achieve the desired quality in their products.

Many of the participants crafted bamboo jewellery for themselves and wore it at the time of
display and award function, which was infact the whole idea of this workshop, to understand,
accept and connect with this future material – Bamboo.

They exhibition started at 4:30 pm in the aquarium at NID and the participants have
displayed their work with theier tag names/ keychains gifted to them by Parvin and the
mentors of bamboo workshop. It was inaugrated by the director of NID Mr. Pradyumna Vyas and
the head of I & OP summer workshops Mrs. Neelima Hasija. They had a conversation with all
the participants about their designs and inspired them to take this knowledge forward in
life. Neelima was very happy to see the forms explorations by the participants.

Main attractions of the display were audio amplifiers, pen/pencil stand, jewellery, mobile
stand and candle holder.

After the exhibition the participants were awarded with certificates by the mentor Mr.
Pravin Solanki and Mrs. Neelima Hasija. Participants also shared their experiences with
everyone in the auditorium. Participants became so close to each other in these 5 days, they
made few friends for life, they used to eat and work together as a team, got to learn a lot
from each other. The entire team took selfies and shared few more moments with
Pravin at the chai gate. The bonding within the team is praise worthy.