Design & Skill Upgradation Training workshop in Bamboo: Day 3

Jewellery Design Process:
The day was spent in the conditioning of the raw materials. Sanding, cutting and bending. ​

Raw materials produced:
-cut out and sanding of jewellery shapes.
-thick bamboo strips bent with moisture for bangles and sanded.

Participants held a better understanding and learning of bamboo as a material, it’s characteristic and how to best work with it

Furniture and Accessory Process: More time was spent on making parts of the furniture, measuring, cutting and sanding for good finish.

Raw materials produced:
-furniture parts (measured bamboo for furniture)
-Hollow bamboo
-solid bamboo

​Furnitures in progress:
-2 stools
-1 coffee table
-1 bench

Participants while working on the parts and joineries for the bamboo furnitures through experience were conditioning themselves to better use of the instruments. Efficient use of instrument, energy, resources and time in the market.

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