Design & Skill Upgradation Training workshop in Bamboo: Day 4

Progressing from previous day’s exercise, each teams are geared up to structuring their products from the raw materials produced over the time span of the work shop.

Jewellery Process: Having spent a few days on producing the raw materials mainly including
-thin strips of bamboo
-thin cut up sticks
-cut up and sanded shapes
-basic bangles with bents strips of bamboo (bent using the Flexibility of the bamboo while wet)

handmade tool for jewellery making

Sanding the pieces to perfection, joineries were attached via handmade bamboo tools. Along with sequences on the bangles.
second half of the day was spent on practicing the skill of weaving wet bamboo strips to understand the characteristic better and adjusting to working with it.
Furniture and accessory process: The team was divided between people producing raw material and others measuring and putting together the furnitures, leaving parts to dry

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