International Open Electives IN NO TIME- DAY 3

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A thoughtful third day of the international open elective began with three presentations from designer and mentor Pravinsinh Solanki giving insights about bamboo to the students. The presentations primarily focused on the complete understanding of “BAMBOO as a material”, “Bamboo in Interiors” and “Bamboo in Architecture”.

After the informative presentation, students were introduced to various species of bamboos and various tools for exploring bamboo. They were also introduced to bamboo products from Furniture to Lifestyle products, Lightings, Stationaries and tooth pics. Master craftsman, Subrata Sarkardemonstrated different techniques of cutting, splitting, bending and slivering of the bamboo.

The students started with cutting the bamboo manually with a hacksaw followed by skin removal with a knife taking precautions not touching the inner fibers and at the same time getting a smooth finish onto the bamboo surface. This was the first time that these students from disciplines like New Media Design, Textile Design, Strategy Design Management, Photography Design, Graphic Design, Lifestyle Accessory Design, Product Design and Apparel Design worked with bamboo.

The students learned to split the bamboo to different sizes, possibilities of bending bamboo to inward curve, outward curve, inward twist, outward twist, “S” – inward outward curve and 900bends at the edge using a hot air gun and basic understanding about its strength and properties. Subrata Sarkar and furniture designer Bhakti Panchal, helped the students during the hands-on practice with bamboo.

Great feedback received at the end of the day from the students.

This enthusiastic bunch is really enjoying bamboo.The day was engaged in hands on work starting from cutting the bamboo to splitting and slicing it. The explorations including bending & slivering helped in gauging the strength and understanding the properties of the material, at a deeper level

Ayushi Johari, Lifestyle Accessory Design | 2016, National Institute of Design | Gandhinagar

We started our day with practicals of bamboo. Where Subrata showed us the cutting, skin removal, splitting, bending of different ways, slivers, rings. After the demonstration we all were excited to start with it.
I found that cutting needs lot of strength & skin removal should be evenly done. Well working with bamboo is interesting but needs a lot of patience, strength & need to be careful with the tools.
Today we all experienced & enjoyed working with “Bamboo”.

Salonee Pathak, Textile Design, UG, National Institute of Design

Having only made architectural drawings with Bamboo, I’ve desired for hands-on learning with bamboo for very long. On the third day, I finally started exploring bamboo as a material. I realised how a material’s definition changes once you work with it on field. Bamboo is a beautiful material with enormous possibilities in store.

Vamika Jain, Photography Design, M.Des, National Institute of Design

On Day 3, I come to know about the super properties of super material- The Bamboo.I have tried to play and understand the basic properties which is very important for the final product.

Vikas Kumar, Textile Design, M.Des, , National Institute of Design

Bamboo has always been a fascinating material to me. I never got a chance to work hands on with it. Today I learned the basics to work with it. We were first given the material theory to understand. First thing, it’s a tough material to work with. It requires precision and a lot of effort just to ready the material to start the actual work. Hard work pays off. We all prepared the material and then started the various bending and twisting techniques. It’s really an amazing material to work with.

Anisha Ahuja, NMD, National Institute of Design

The journey till now with bamboo has been very interesting. Since years I have been wishing to work on bamboo. This has appeared to be the best platform to understand and work on bamboo. Gained a lot of knowledge about the properties and usability of bamboo and a bit tiring but great experience with bamboo hands on.

Anisha Khiyani, M.Des- Apparel Design, NID Gandhinagar

Although everyone’s acquainted to bamboo in one way or the other getting to handle it individually is an experience on it’s own. With very little experience in working with such materials, I initially struggled at getting things right. As the day progressed, I believe that I got better at working with bamboo. I am eager to learn the possibilities of this material and make a product of my own.

Nalini B, Photography Design, NID Gandhinagar

We were introduced to the step by step techniques related to making of bamboo products, like cutting, peeling of skin, splitting. It was a very good hands on experience and is definitely going to help us in coming up with something new. We also saw a presentation on how the different parts of bamboo are used in different fields and nothing goes to waste.

Swarnali Roy, Apparel Design, NID Gandhinagar

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