International Open Electives IN NO TIME- DAY 4

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Fourth day began with remembering M. P. Ranjan and his great initiative for Bamboo Centre in India. Also, students were educated about the contribution from famous Industrial Designer Gajanan Upadhaya GU) and Neelam Iyer in the field of bamboo. Also works of Designer likeRebecca Reubens, Sandeep Sangaru Mann Singh and C.S Susanth etc.

Mr. Solanki started the session with four fantastic presentations. The first presentation on the Bamboo Legends of NID and their works, the second presentation on Students Work at NID, the third presentation focused on the glimpses of Contemporary designs around the World and the final presentation shared Mr. Solanki’s various contemporary works on Hangers, furniture and life style accessories. Mr. Solanki has a collection of 21 elegant hangers which were displayed for the students to understand the form, technique and the application of the material.

From top left in clockwise order- Mr. Solanki with the open elective students in his cabin explaining his hangers and furniture, Students trying out kids furniture, Mr. Solanki explaining the bamboo furniture designed by one of the NID alumni.

The students were introduced to simple machines to explore the bamboo material and its properties.  Students were taught to make different types of splits and slivers out of the bamboo. bending bamboo during the first half of the session.

The second half began with discussions, concept development, sketches and design ideation. The students were asked to think about four different categories which included lighting Design, Kitchen & Dining accessories, Kids furniture/ toys and Office stationery. The products needed to cater to Elite group, the mid segment e.g. Fabindia or Good Earth and for local haats.

Various explorations on bamboo by students of various discipline

Feedback from the students.

Finally started with ideation to work out a design in bamboo. It’s great working with sir and Bhakti and everyone together participating to make it successful! Cheers!

Vamika Jain, Photography Design, NID Gandhinagar

Another day well spent in knowing the amazing material called bamboo. We also got a chance to see a lot of inspiring works by our faculty and seniors. Finally we have begun to work on making problem solving prototypes which would help us to explore the possibilities of the material furthermore.

Sanya Prakash, Apparel Design, NID Gandhinagar

Today it was yet another exciting day filled with new explorations and new learnings. The works shown in the presentations by Mr. Solanki were very helpful in broadening our perspective when it came to bamboo as a material and new things that could be developed using it. Now we have to come up with something which is simple yet effective. #thinkingconcept #thinkingnew

Parshvi Bhavsar, Apparel Design, NID Gandhinagar

It was an absolute delight to physically be with bamboo.To cut, skin and bend it and see how it could change shape when subjected to different forces.The process was challenging but very meditative.

Pramati, FVC, NID

The presentations about the bamboo products was great. It gave me a clear cut idea of the works of famous bamboo product designers and helped me to think about what I can design from bamboo that can make a good design. Also seeing and experiencing the bamboo products made by Mr. Solanki was something I loved. Also got some more hands-on idea about working on bamboo and thinking about making a bamboo product is making me excited.

Sreeraj S, LAD, NID Gandhinagar

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