International Open Electives IN NO TIME- DAY 5-6

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Under the guidance of designer Pravinsinh Solanki, the students started converting their concept to prototype. Master craftsman Subrata Sarkar and furniture designer Bhakti Panchal helped the students to execute their ideas into prototype.

Bhavana Yadav one of the Textile Design student is working on a lamp using a single piece of bamboo. She is trying to have a very futuristic lamp with a surprise.

Prashvi Bhavsar and Swarnali Roy from Apparel Design conceptualized a chandelier design with three circular tiers. The lamp has different levels to create a drama of lights and shadow.

Apparel Design students Sanya Prakash and Anisha Khiyani have taken up a task to design a complete collapsible mannequin. A mannequin which can be a great innovation into the fashion industry.

Another student Salonee Pathak from Textile Design is experimenting with bamboo slivers to create a contemporary playful lamp.

Caroline Gauther an International exchange student (France) from Graphics Design, explored bamboo knots to create variations in candle stands.

Ayushi Johari from Lifestyle Accessory Design is exploring on compact spectacle stand which is a day to day problem for spectacle users.

Sreeraj S from Lifestyle Accessory Design exploring a wine bottle holder with glasses entirely from a single piece of bamboo without any joinery.

Sharmishtha Tembhurnikar from Strategy Design Management is exploring on Dendrocalamus Giganteus, bamboo of diameter 10 inches. She is creating an accessory for the kitchen ware.

Pramati Anand from Film and Video Communication is working on a compact bamboo book shelf, She is a reader and looking forward to a design of a light weight and compact, innovative furniture for the book lovers. She is focussing on making it folding with a concept of space saving furniture.

Mani Teja Lingala a Product Design student had taken a challenge to design a very compact bamboo tea/coffee tray.

Vamika Jain an Architect and studying Photography Design is working on a geometric shaped stool. The concept is very innovative and the execution of the idea is a task for her.

Two international exchange students from Germany Leonie Karoell and Antonella Marr pursuing Furniture Design are exploring bamboo and its properties. They are in love with the material and excited to work on it.

From left to right, Antonella Marr and Leonie Kroell, International exchange students, working on bamboo

All the students are enjoying the electives and it’s a lot of fun for them to play with the material.

When asked for a lunch break, Antonella Marr a student from Germany replied “she is enjoying the work very much and it’s  like meditation. She also mentioned that she has forgotten the hunger and has no control on the time flying so fast”

The spirit and enthusiasm continues and is filling the IN NO TIME elective’s atmosphere with lots of energy.

The week time has passed so fast and the students are on the edge finafinalizingir ideas to final prototypes. It’s also a great learning for everyone.


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