International Open Electives IN NO TIME- DAY 7,8,9

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The students are working hard making the prototypes and learning the new skills to work with Bamboo. Master craftsman Subrata Sarkar demonstrated different patterns of weaving like locking, cross, diagonal, zig-zag, diamond etc. to the students. He also demonstrated weaving of a basket with thin slivers of bamboo.

Ayushi Khiyani and Sanya Prakash, students from Apparel Design, completed the framework of the mannequin. They shall be working further on it to make it fold and portable. Riveted joints shall be worked upon to collapse the horizontal rings.

Akash Kumar, a Textile Design student is working on a lamp. It shall be made from a single piece of bamboo.

Antonella Marr, an international exchange student from Germany pursuing Furniture Design is working on a fruit bowl with thin slices of Bamboo.

Leonie Kroell another international exchange student from Germany pursuing Furniture Design is practicing lathe and working on circular storage box for spectacles. Manubhai from ICIC is teaching and helping her in making the prototype.

A student from Textile Design, Salonee Pathak is working on bending of the bamboo splits with Anup Da for the innovative circular lamp.

Mani Teja Lingala, Product Design student has cracked the working of a folding tray with bamboo splits and is in the process of finishing it.

Pramati Anand a Film and Video Communication student is working on an acoustical interactive table for kids.

Caroline Gauthier, an international exchange student from France, is learning lathe to turn bamboo into a solid cylinder from Babu kaka. She is exploring different possibilities to turn bamboo on the lathe and make different shapes. She is working on candle stands.

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Mahesh Kamble from Toy and Game Design is working on interactive toys for kids.

Vikash Kumar from Textile Design is working on a book rack from splits of bamboo. The rack will be stackable and the user and change the configuration as per their needs.

Vamika Jain a student from Photography Design is working on a stool with twisted bamboo splits.


The students have worked hard and are working hard to complete their prototypes to be exhibited on Friday 27th January 2017 at the National Institute of Design, Paldi, Ahmedabad.

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