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The intensive hands-on bamboo workshop, IN NO TIME-Innovation with Time come to its final day. 22 students from varied design disciplines participated in the elective which was guided by designer Pravinsinh Solanki, assisted by furniture designer Bhakti Panchal and master craftsman Subrata Sarkar.

The students have worked hard in the 2 weeks intensive elective to create some magnificent products out of bamboo. The products are being exhibited at ICIC, National Institute of Design, Paldi, Ahmedabad up till 31st January 2017.

Anisha Khiyani and Sanya Donald Prakash from Apparel Design, NID Gandhinagar presenting the first ever collapsible bamboo mannequin.

Aritra Roy Chowdhury from Ceramic and Glass Design, NID Ahmedabad presented a lamp.

Ayushi Johari, a student from Lifestyle and Accessory Design, NID Gandhinagar presented “Gattocchio” – spectacle stand.

Anisha Ahuja, a student from New Media Design from NID, Gandhinagar presented a unique center table concept from a single piece of bamboo. The single bamboo splits at both the ends into 8 parts which then bends to make support for the glass top.

From left, Anisha Ahuja , Octaped, Bhakti Panchal

Antonella Marran international exchange student from Germany pursuing Furniture Design at NID Ahmedabad presented an interesting fruit bowl made out of bamboo slices.

Bhavana Yadav, a Textile Design Student from NID Ahmedabad presented “Ciana” an interesting hanging bamboo lamp.

Leonie Kroell another international exchange student from Germany pursuing Furniture Designat NID, Ahmedabad has turned the bamboo to make a case for spectacle.

Mahesh Kamble studying Toy and Game Design at NID Gandhinagar made interesting and innovative toys out of bamboo slices for children.

Product Design student, Mani Teja Lingala from NID Ahmedabad presented an interesting foldable tray “AAKU” made from bamboo splits. The tray folds to form a roll.

Another Toy and Game Design student, Monil Desai from NID Gandhinagar made a DIY toy for kids.

Nalini B, a Photography Design student from NID Gandhinagar, made a simple yet innovative Bottle Opener from bamboo node.

Two students from Apparel Design, Swarnali Roy and Parshvi Bhavsar presented a stunning chandelier.

Pramati Anand, a student from Film and Video Communication, NID Ahmedabad, presented “Kitab Khana”– A small place for your dearest books and “Sungkong”– The call of Childhood, an interactive table for kids.

The Bamboo Story_Pramati Anand



Salonee Pathak, a Textile Design student from NID Ahmedabad, presented a very contemporary lamp.

Sharmishtha Tembhurnikar, Strategic Design Management student from NID Gandhinagar, presented “Pinpan”– A Chinese food platter made from a Bambusa Giganteus.

Sreeraj S, a Lifestyle Accessory Design student from NID Gandhinagar, presented a sleek Wine Holder which can hold a bottle of wine and two  wine glasses.

Vamika Jain, a Photography Design student from NID Gandhinagar, made a very interesting table by twisting the bamboo splits.

Akash Kumar from Textile Design, NID Ahmedabad presented a unique, compact and sleek table cum night lamp “Beacon”.

Vikash Kumar from Textile Design, NID Ahmedabad, presented a stackable hexagonal book rack whose configuration can be altered as per the user requirements.

A great show by the future designers. Do come and visit the exhibition and encourage the young designers.

TEAM- International Open Elective 2017

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